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Class Discipline Policy

Behavior Expectations
A) When the bell rings, be in your seat, with all of your necessary materials, and ready to work
B) Behave responsibly and politely at all times ( No Disruptions).
C) Follow directions the first time they are given.
D) Raise your hand and wiat for permission to speak or to get out of your seat.
E) Handout and collect papers without talking or disruptions.
F) Do not touch any of Mr. Glaesner computer equipment without permission.
G) Cheating on homework, quizzes, or tests is not permitted. Any person caught cheating will
serve detention time, and redo the appropriate material.

Disruptive Behavior
Disruptive Behavior is any behavior which causes the individual to lose the attention toward learning and generally interferers with others in the learning process.

Behaviors that are considered disruptive, impolite, or wrong include, but are not limited to: banging objects, making obsense gestutres, using abusive lanugage, making verbal threats,
name calling, inappropriate silliness, noise making, taking without permission, throwing objects, fighting, yelling, out of seat, preventing others from learning, cheating, refusal to follow directions
from authorities.

The first disruptive behavior will bring a warning. A second disruptive behavior will bring a warning and a notification of the parents. A third disruptive behavior (as well as all subsequent misbehaviors) will bring a notification of the parents and detention.