World of Geography
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Grading Procedures
Grades in this class are achieved by earning points. The total points a student earns for a marking period will be compared to the total points possible. The points are placed on a curve based on a percentage of the total points for the marking period. The curve looks like this:

A = 100 to 90
B = 89 to 80
C = 79 to 70
D = 69 to 60

Grades are determined from a number of sources: Packets, Quizzes, Tests, Projects, Worksheets, and RAP.

Packets: Packets contain all the worksheets, readings, maps, graph work, and review sheets.
Any student completing all of the packet work will do well on the quizzes and tests in class.

Quiz: A multiple choice and/or true false assessment. Map quizzes will be matching assessments. A quiz is less than 30 points. Current events will be part of quizzes.

Test: A multiple choice and/or true and false assessment. Map test will be matching assessments. Often tests will be a mix of multiple choice and matching map materials. Test will be held at the end of a until. All materail for tests will come from information presented in class and the textbook.

Projects: Students will be assigned four different projects throughtout the school year. These will be discussed near the beginning of each quarter and will be due the last week of the quarter.

Worksheets/Subsheets: Many times I will hand out worksheets that must be completed for a grade. Some of these worksheets are special, they are subsheets. A subsheet is an activity to be
completed while Mr. G is gone. Usually, each subsheet will be due at the end of the hour.

Turning in and making up homework, quizzes and tests
Each assignment or assessment has a due date. All assignments must be turned in on time. If you
are absent the day of the due date, upon your return to class the assignment will be due.